Cimcool has developed a comprehensive range of product lines to match all your metalworking requirements.

Please select your product line of interest. Discover how the use of Cimcool products will optimize your manufacturing process. And find out for yourself how Cimcool products will lead to an overall decrease in costs, provided the product is chosen and applied correctly.

Cimclean             Industrial cleaners and parts washers

Cimfree               Metalworking fluids based on renewable raw materials

Cimglass             Fluids for the glass industry

Cimguard            Protection against corrosion

Cimperial            Emulsion-cutting and grinding fluids

Cimstar               Water-soluble semi-synthetic cutting and grinding fluids

Cimtech              Water-soluble synthetic cutting and grinding fluids

Cimtube              Fluids for the tube and pipe industry 

Milform               Metal-forming products

Milpro                 Neat cutting and grinding oils

Not sure about the right fluid for your manufacturing process?
Please contact your local Cimcool representative or consult our online product selector.