Future-proof Innovations

Our goal: improving performance and reducing impact on health, safety and the environment

All Cimcool products are developed in accordance with the highest international environmental and Health & Safety regulations. Each and every fluid is the result of a highly innovative development approach.


Improving performance, reducing impact on HSE

For Cimcool the environment is one of the most important aspects when developing a new product. That is why our R&D department is always concentrating its efforts on discovering new raw materials to enable the performance of the product to be improved and also to reduce the impact on health and the environment.


Carbon Footprint

By exploring possibilities with lubricants based on renewable raw materials and developing mineral oil-free products we have found ways of reducing the carbon footprint.

Cimcool has developed several products in the Cimtech and Cimfree product line that contain lubricants based on renewable raw materials.