Glass has been around for centuries. Over the years it has grown into an irreplaceable product in our everyday lives. Furthermore, the manufacturing of glass has grown from a time-consuming craft into a modern manufacturing process requiring sophisticated industrial fluids.


Cimcool solutions
Cimcool understands the necessity of reliable, high-performance industrial fluid in your manufacturing process. In order to fulfil these unique requirements in this highly specialised industry Cimcool has developed the Cimglass product line.


Cimglass products are extremely well-suited to the following glass machining applications:

  • Shearing
  • Cutting
  • Grinding


Your benefits

  •  Excellent cooling and lubricating abilities
  •  Easy-to-use products
  •  Safe working conditions
  •  Economical in use


The Cimglass product line contains several high quality products to suit the requirements of your applications in the glass industry.