Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions on metalworking fluids, Cimcool and Cimcool products. If your question is not included in this list please contact us.

Metalworking fluids

What are metalworking fluids?

What is the function of metalworking fluids?

How can metal-removal fluids be classified?

What is the importance of monitoring metalworking fluid mixes?


Who is Cimcool?

What does Cimcool do?

What is the company structure of Cimcool?

Where does Cimcool Europe operate?

How can I contact Cimcool?

Cimcool Products

What kind of products does Cimcool offer?

What level of service can I expect when I buy Cimcool products?

How can Cimcool products help reduce total production costs?

What can I expect of Cimcool products with respect to Health, Safety and Environmental standards?

How can I order Cimcool products?

How can I download PASs and MSDSs?