Monitoring your mix condition is an important precaution to ensure continuous performance and quality of your metalworking fluid. 

Cimcool offers equipment to support you in maintaining your Cimcool water-based fluids in optimal condition:

  • Concentration control
  • Mix preparation

Concentration control
Excellent tools to check your fluid mix concentration:

  • Refractometer
  • Digital refractometer

The CimCase is a manageable suitcase filled with monitoring supplies:

  • Refractometer (Cimcool Item)
  • TA Kit (Cimcool Item)
  • pH Strips
  • Total Hardness/Copper/Cobalt test
  • Dip Slides
  • Biocide test
  • Safety Glasses
  • Tissues
  • Pipette
  • Sample Bottles

Mix preparation
Easy to use tools to prepare and top up your mix:

  • MixMaster
  • MixMaster S