Cimcool products fit in perfectly with today’s needs for the fast-paced automotive parts industry. Our metalworking fluids provide a stable and smooth-running production process, excellent results and, if chosen and applied correctly, lead to a decrease in production costs. 


Cimcool products are suitable for any application in the automotive parts manufacturing industry. Cimcool products are used to make the following automotive products (for example):

  • Powertrain components
  • Drivetrain components
  • Rims


Product lines

Successful Cimcool product lines in the automotive industry:


Experiences of our customers 

Cimcool products have shown significant benefits in the automotive production industry:

  • Extended tool life 
  • Long fluid life 
  • Excellent health and safety conditions 
  • Less scrap

These benefits add up to a decrease in our customers’ production costs. Your local Cimcool representative will be happy to calculate your savings.