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Get ready for the future with CimShield® Technology

Get ready for the future with CimShield® Technology
All users of metalworking fluids are obliged to follow new and often changing rules and regulations. International rules such as REACh, GHS and CLP but also local legislation can force metal workshops to change fluids. To prevent these costly, involuntary fluid shifts Cimcool has developed CimShield® Technology.
CimShield® Technology; Future-ready
The developers of Cimcool have taken a large step into the future of water miscible metalworking fluids with the innovative development of CimShield® Technology. Cimcool’s new generation of products is completely free of boron and formaldehyde releasing agents, making the CimShield equipped products future-ready.
Outside and inside protection
CimShield® Technology is based on a unique formulation and contains a special blend of new innovative materials. These materials work in synergy providing product stability, pH control and corrosion protection.
The results equal traditional products which contain boron and formaldehyde releasing agents. The CimShield® Technology not only protects the product from outside influences but also shields the product from evaporation, resulting in low top up rates and thus reducing overall consumption.
Excellent performance, even with low concentration levels
The first operational experiences with CimShield® Technology equipped products Cimstar 35-511 and Cimstar 35-561 have shown that the emulsion remains stable during a long period. Even with low top-up rates and without the need for addition of biocides. The excellent drain and rinsing performance ensures clean machines and tools and an optimized low consumption. Top-up concentrations as low as 0,5% are possible. Operators confirm a pleasant smell and very good skin compatibility.
CimShield® Equipped Cimcool products:
We are working on a complete new generation of CimShield equipped products. The following three products are now available:
Vegetable oil based:
Cimfree 35-161
A high performance metalworking fluid based on renewable vegetable oils suitable for medium duty machining and grinding operations of ferrous materials and aluminium, and is developed for use in medium-hard water (hardness 10-25º dH) 
Semi Synthetics:
Cimstar 35-511
A general purpose cutting fluid recommended for medium duty grinding and machining of all ferrous and most non-ferrous metals, excellent for use in soft water (<12° dH)
Cimstar 35-561
A general-purpose cutting fluid recommended for medium duty grinding and machining of all ferrous and most non-ferrous metals, excellent for use in hard water (12 to 25° dH)
For more information please contact your local Cimcool representative.
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