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News, Publications & Events

Staying up-to-date is vital.
It keeps us sharp, shows trends in the industry
and enables us to prepare our products and
ourselves for the future.


All Cimcool Production Operators VAPRO trained

As part of Cimcool’s quality program all members of our production team have taken part in the VAPRO Basis Operator course, and with success. The training started in 2009 and all participants received their diploma on 29 September 2011.
The course is focused on all aspects of operating process machinery. This includes process techniques, control and maintenance. Also mathematics, physics and chemistry are included. And last but not least health, safety and environmental rules and regulations are an important part of the course. Theoretical and practical knowledge are linked, resulting in the development of knowledge, attitude and skills. This allows our operators to play an active role in the optimization of the production process.
The course is an excellent reflection of Cimcool’s quality policy. We aim for continuous growth in terms of:
- Productivity
- Product development (improving product quality)
- Knowledge
- Safety
- Health
- The environment

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