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Monitoring the conditions of your metalworking fluids: a small effort now to prevent extra costs in the future


Monitoring your mix condition is an important precaution to ensure continuous performance and quality of your metalworking fluid. 
Cimcool offers equipment to support you in maintaining your Cimcool water-based fluids in optimal condition:
  • Concentration control
  • Mix preparation

Concentration control
Excellent tools to check your fluid mix concentration:
  • Refractometer
  • Digital refractometer
The CimCase is a manageable suitcase filled with monitoring supplies:
  • Refractometer (Cimcool Item)
  • TA Kit (Cimcool Item)
  • pH Strips
  • Total Hardness/Copper/Cobalt test
  • Dip Slides
  • Biocide test
  • Safety Glasses
  • Tissues
  • Pipette
  • Sample Bottles

Mix preparation
Easy to use tools to prepare and top up your mix:
  • MixMaster
  • MixMaster S