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A range of mineral oil-free fluids
recommended for a wide range of grinding
and machining operations.


Synthetic mineral oil-free metal-removal fluids are represented in one of Cimcool’s most popular product lines: the Cimtech line. 

Three categories
The Cimtech product line contains three highly sophisticated categories:
  • Vegetable oil-based lubricants 
  • Water-soluble lubricants 
  • Light-duty synthetics 
Synthetics based on vegetable oil-based lubricants
The mineral oil has been replaced with vegetable oil-based lubricants. These Cimtech products are very well-suited to ‘green’ requirements, ensuring a cleaner manufacturing process and reducing the carbon footprint.
Synthetics based on water-soluble lubricants
The mineral oil has been replaced with water-soluble lubricants. These fully transparent fluids are very operator-friendly and are available at different lubrication levels.
Light-duty synthetics
These light-duty fluids are especially developed for grinding operations. This category of Cimtech products provides excellent washing action leaving machines and parts very clean.